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Dedicated Warehousing

Whether you need seasonal storage or permanent large-scale solutions, Riffle Machine can help. With over 200,000 square feet of storage space, Riffle Machine can find the plan for you .

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Quality Material Handling

Riffle Machine Provides quality material handling by ensuring material handlers are knowledgeable in the systems used to ensure parts are restocked to the correct locations. This allows a smooth transition for assembly staff to complete kitting's and assembly parts. 

Experienced Assembly Staff

Riffle Machine provides an experienced assembly staff that takes pride in the quality of their work. Ensuring that all parts built are in accordance to the standard and specification set by the customer.

Kitting Services

Riffle Machines kitting teams help in the production process by pulling parts from locations and placing into carts or crates in an orderly fashion. The carts/crates are then moved or transported to the location where the assembly staff creates the required part per area.

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